How to sharing PDF files with your friends on Facebook

I found many friends are discussing how to upload PDF to Facebook for sharing them with their friends in Facebook forum and Yahoo Answers. You may have no idea. In fact, Facebook currently only support: Photo, Link and some video formats. So if you want to upload your PDF files to Facebook, the good method is convert PDF files to the formats which are supported by Facebook.

When you sharing your good news, you have three choices:

Update Status

Add Photo/Video

Ask question

Next, I will recommend three different methods for helping you upload PDF to Facebook. You can choose the most suitable way for loading PDF to Facebook.

1. Add to Facebook with PDF link

Find some websites that you can upload your PDF files.

A sharing-server can let you upload your PDF files, and then provide the link in your Facebook. Using this way, visitors can visit the page of your PDF files by clicking the uploaded link. But if you want to directly display your PDF on Facebook, you can select the following two methods.

2. Convert PDF to Image for uploading PDF to Facebook

 Download Advanced PDF Converter 6.0, you can convert PDF to Image. Then you only need to create a new photo album and upload these converted PDF image to your Facebook.

3. Convert PDF to Video

For uploading PDF to Facebook, you also can convert PDF to video formats which are supported by Facebook such as FLV, MP4, AVI, etc. In my opinion, this is the best way to share PDF with your friends in Facebook. I show you how to convert PDF to FLV as an example.

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