How to Remove Password of your PDF Files

Years ago I had add the password in my PDF files which is long and complex, in fact I know it because it has been wrote down in my paper notebook. I seldom use this PDF until these days I need some recourse result that is important for my business. It turns so boring every time when I typing the long and complex password, so I need to remove the PDF password ASAP.

I want to know whether a available tool that can remove password protect from the PDF files and ask my question in Yahoo answer.

Yes, finally I got the best answer and now I am grad to share this simple but easy new with all of my friends on my Facebook.

Removing Password from a PDF File

Download the free trial Advanced PDF Password Remover and install.

The overall steps are:

  • 1. add PDF files in remover
  • 2. Set output folder which you can easy find your file.
  • 3. Remove restrictions with one click

Note: You need to type the password in the pop-up dialog box. See the screenshot below:

This remover tool has some advanced:

  1. Just 1.2 M easy for you to download less than one minute.
  2. It is the tool for own to remove password but others can’t crack your file if they don’t know the password.
  3. The most important is only sale for 9.9$ which I couldn’t believe it, you can’t find the lower.

Ok, my dear friends, as I know now so many of you are quite busy with your work, if you has the same problem, you will find help from my share.

Now I am on my summer vacation, I will share you other fresh news likes Food, clothes…….

Also, things you should decide before remove PDF password.



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