How to insert text to PDF?

PDF is world-widely used in people’s daily life and work for its high compatibility, just with a free PDF reader, you can view a PDF file on any computer with any operating system; in addition, its strong encryption make PDF be hard to copy, print and edit. As to be say, PDF file’s specification makes the viewers a lot of convenience in reading, but it is trouble to insert text of add some information. Once I was painful to deal with this problem for my graduate design under the English translation. I spent over night to study the conversion.

Many people try to find another alternative – edit PDF in Word. It takes more time in this way, but much cheaper to save money when you need to add text to PDF.

Below show some tips to how to add text to PDF by using the professional Adobe Acrobat and how to insert text to PDF with a PDF to Word converter. You can follow these steps if you need to add or insert text to PDF and compare the difference between them to make a better choice.

You need to download Adobe Acrobat X Pro from firstly and launch it.


1. Click Advanced Commenting Toolbar from the drop down list of Review & Comment.

2. Click the Text Box tool to start a text box to add text to PDF.

3. Add text to PDF by entering the text into the text box.

Tips: a. You can modify the text box size. Select Hand Tool on toolbar > move cursor over the text box > resize text box to appropriate size.

b. To change properties of the text box, right click (PC) or control click (Mac) on the text box and select Properties >set border style and border color, etc.

If you haven’t bought Adobe Acrobat X Pro, you may try the alternative – convert PDF to Word and insert text to PDF by editing PDF in Word.


Insert text to PDF with Advanced PDF to Word converter 5.0


How to convert PDF file to word?

This way is a bit trouble, you need to convert PDF to Word firstly and save Word back to PDF with a free PDF creator.

1. Go to to download the PDF to Word converter and install it.

2. Import PDF files you want to insert text to PDF to the interface.

3. Click the “Convert” button to convert PDF to Word.

4. Insert text to Word firstly.

5. Save Word to PDF.

After comparing the two ways above, what is your choice? Personal advice: if you have Adobe Acrobat X Pro, you can use the first way, otherwise, the second way will be preferable, as PDF to Word Converter is much easier to use and it’s even much easier to save Word to PDF, what’s most is that a PDF converter is really much cheaper than Adobe Acrobat Pro.

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