How to Create Free PDF Documents

I am a writer for food in a not so famous newspaper. Every time I need to create my own PDF documents. When I saw more than $700 for Adobe’s software, I have no idea to pay for this high price.

Also I try to download some free version but which is a cut down version if I wish to use it in the long run, I need to pay this free version’s addition server for years and the price also not so satisfy for me. Freeware version in fact is not free and more expensive than shareware.

There is a good way for you to create free PDF if your office version is 2010. No need to download any third party tool. Office 2010 can create PDF/XPS Document.

But some of you may use office 2003 all the time and this way is not suitable for you.

I had compared some ways from the internet. Finding that use Advanced Word To PDF 5.0 may the best way to save resource.

This tool required three steps:

(1) Click “Add Files” button -> select source PDF files.

(2) Set destination output folder.

(3) Click “Convert” button.

It is quite easy to use. The most importance thing for me is check the result whether converter in high quality. Finally share one picture with my news.


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