How to convert word document to PDF file

Some people like the Portable Document Format (PDF) and some like word file. I am the great fan of each other, but sometimes I need the convert my word document to PDF as couldn’t create my file on PDF. It is not a problem for me now because there are some good PDF converters around the Internet. I can edit word and then easy convert it to PDF as one click. A popular way of doing it is recommend to you if you may come across to read my article.

There are a few tools around to convert word documents to pdf and quite a few are shareware that works fine at the conversion with the results of satisfactory. Also the freeware utility aim to make converting but not so great for the result as I know. They can’t convert the Bullet or picture insert in word file. Shareware will never like this. For example, the tool named Advanced Word To PDF 5.0, it also can keep the large pages from a large document to convert at one time. I had text 1000+ pages.

The program claims to be able to keep just about all of the formatting from the word during conversion, handle tables, fonts, paragraphs, bullet lists, font face, color and size, hyperlinks etc.

First you can Google search Advanced Word To PDF 5.0 and download the trial, install and you can see the interface is certainly nice looking and clean making the whole process quite easy for users.

Three steps you will need:

(1) Click “Add Files” button -> select source files.

(2) Set destination output folder.

(3) When you are ready, click “Convert” button.


Overall I would say the conversion was pretty accurate.

The system requirement:

* Support System: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, etc. (including 32/64 bit)

* Processor: 1 GHz or above (2.0 GHz recommended)

* RAM: 256 MB or above (1 GB recommended)

* Free Hard Disk Space: 100 MB or above

* The accessible PC comes with an internal/external CD-BURNER.

* A blank or erasable CD/DVD.

* Your locked computer contains CD/DVD drive.



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  1. micelly says:

    Oh yes I did!
    This is very interesting, and the problem is if I want to convert back pdf to word and edit, How to do this?

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