How to convert PDF file which has password-protected

The common question people ask a lot in the office is how to convert PDF file, you may be need to convert your file to word/excel/PPT or other formats. There are several free PDF converters online that allow you make this conversion, but the trouble work is how to convert a password-protected PDF file?

The password is set to restrict opening of the file, when printing, editing or converting, you need to enter the password.

There are two parts of the instructions.

Part one. Removing the Password

Part Two. Converting PDF file

I know a tool named Advanced PDF To Word that can works fine for these two parts.

You can download and install the professional software.

Removing the Password

  1. Upload the PDF by click” Add File”.
  2. Password required, please enter the password for the conversion.
  3. Press “ok”. The program should output an unprotected PDF.

Converting PDF file

1.  Click “Add Files” button -> select source files.

2.  Set destination output folder.

3.  Click “Convert” button.

A more complicated method to converting a PDF file to a word processor file is to simply rewrite it. This method can be the best easy way to convert a PDF to a word file which has password protected. Many new operating systems these days in the market are allow to download this product. Using this method is much safer and more secure than any other method.


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