Good Ideal to convert a PDF file

A PDF converter program is an ideal way to convert a PDF file to an editable and formatted text, spread sheet or presentation format. A PDF file is a universal file that can be shared regardless of whether the native application is present on the computer. PDF software was developed in the 1990’s to provide a method of sharing information. A PDF file can be opened and read by a converter, creator or reader program.

Some PDF converter software will also convert PDF to word or other text applications, eliminating the need for a separate program. The PDF converter program usually works embedded in the text or spread sheet application making the conversion and editing available in one, easy step.

PDF files have become a very popular method of sending and reviewing documents. The file size of a PDF file is considerably smaller than its MS Word counterpart. This is because any images in the document are compressed or converted to another format that is smaller than the original image size. Another advantage to using PDF files is if the original document contains a special font, another person may not be able to view the document if they do not have that special font loaded on their computer.

PDF converter programs can also turn a paper document into an editable file by scanning the paper document and turning it into a PDF file and then convert PDF to word document. The PDF part of the task can be eliminated if the scanner has an optical recognition program. The ORC option will turn the scan into a text document. The text document can be opened in MS Word or WordPerfect. The same process can be used for spread sheets and presentation documents. This option saves the user from retyping a paper document in order to get an electronic file.

A very helpful option is the ability to convert multiple files at a time. Batching allows the user to load up the desired files and set the program parameters for each file. The program will convert each file while the user does other things. Each file will be converted according to the parameters set and the user will have an editable and fully formatted file to work with.

The PDF converter programs will also convert a PDF file to a long HTML file, suitable for web page work. Next and previous buttons can be added very easily. The PDF file can also be converted to multiple, short HTML files. Either option is suitable for uploading to a web site.

The PDF converter programs are simple to use. The tasks are executed by drop down menus making the pick and click method very efficient. The learning curve is very short and the user will be converting PDF files very quickly. Most converter programs come with a help guide that offers a step by step approach to using the software. There is also a trouble shooting guide included as well, offering tips to help the user work through any problems encountered.


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  1. beton says:

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      • Acorde says:

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  4. Daniel Boone says:

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