8 Most Popular Online Office Tools

As the internet becomes an ever more important tool for businesses, many new online office programs and tools are beginning to sprout up all over. Let’s take a look at ten of the most popular online offices tools today.

8 Online Office Tools

1. iWork.com – iWork.com is a program designed by Apple that allows you to share your documents with anyone online. The program is user-friendly and works on a Mac, PC, or iPad. All you have to do is click the “Share” link on your iWork.com page, and you are able to share the documents or spreadsheets that you have created through a URL link. Visitors are allowed to leave comments and feedback on your original work as well.
2. Office Live Workspace – Office Live Workspace is another great online tool for businesses to share documents and other information. One especially appealing aspect of this tool is that it allows users to create documents in Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, and share these documents with others online. Currently, Office Live Workspace accounts have been moved to Office Live SkyDrive, which functions very much like the previous tool.
3. Google Docs – Google Docs is another one of those excellent tools for sharing data through the web. Anyone who has a Gmail account is able to access this part of Google’s website. Google stores the documents you save to your account so you can access them at any time, and sharing these documents is as simple as attaching them to an email.
4. Zoho Docs – This site functions much like Google, in that files can be stored and modified online. However, with Zoho Docs, users can get online and chat with others in their group about a particular document securely. Zoho Docs provides a free file storage service up to 1G, but larger files require a monthly fee per user. Zoho Docs also provides the option of assigning an administrator to a set of files to manage their use and availability. In addition it was announced earlier this month that Zoho is now available for iPad.
5. Campfire – The Campfire program is another easy-to-use online tool for file sharing and discussion. Campfire users have the convenience of using the program via their iPhone, laptop, or home computer. Campfire also provides chat services and data sharing that is fast and secure. Users can discuss image quality, examine documents, and make decisions while logged in to the site.
6. Crocodoc – Crocodoc is a unique file sharing tool where users can edit, share, and update forms and websites online. Like many of the other online office tools, Crocodoc provides a means through which people can add their input into the creation of a website or document. Documents can also be sent to clients for signatures or approval. Users often go to Crocodoc for easily filling out forms, editing papers, or taking notes on a secure network.
7. Fresh Books – Fresh Books is a great application for business owners and managers because it helps make the invoicing process simple. The Fresh Books application can be downloaded onto an iPhone for easy access. Employers can keep track of their staff’s time sheets and complete accounting simultaneously. Fresh Books is a great way to simplify the financial aspect of your business.
8. Evernote  – Evernote is an extraordinary application for helping you stay organized. All you have to do is write down ideas, take photos to remember, save a web address, or make a list. Evernote will keep it safe for you so all you have to do is search the application when you need to remember. Evernote is available for all types of smartphones, computers, and other devices for easy access.

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